Hello... my name is Pedro Santos, i´m dad of a beautiful girl and a photographer, i was born and still live in Lisbon, but also love to travel.


I´m a photographer since i remember being me, i remember the very first time i picked up my dad´s camera, i was around 4 years old and in just few minutes i shoot all the remaining frames in the camera.

But the real “click” for me was the first time i saw the slides projected in my house´s wall.

After that i always have a camera around my neck.


I´m passionate about capturing each detail, moment and mood, writing stories and capture moments  … only this way i manage that each registration contains your essence. Each of my stories is a result of the particular bonds that i created with whom i´m photographing.

I document life as it is, creating a visual heritage and timeless memories for future generations.


If you enjoyed my work and if you feel that I´m your wedding photographer, please feel free to contact me. Let´s get in touch